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Ingvar Villido "The Art of Conscious Change" May 30-31

In the last week-end of May,  Ingvar Villido,  teacher of practical awareness and Babaji's Kriya Yoga from Estonia, will visit Luxembourg to give here the first two parts of his  5-part workshop series titled „The Art of Conscious Change“, which over the years has gathered much popularity in Estonia, as well as abroad. Ingvar is one of the most extraordinary Estonian yoga teachers, a beloved lecturer and founder of Lilleoru yoga centre (an internationally recognised ashram - place for deepened yogic studies - near Estonia’s capital city Tallinn).



In this workshop, Ingvar teaches unique knowledge and techniques, based on the practical use of awareness. Anyone who would like to stay more in the present moment, reduce the effect that negative or tiring emotions have on their lives, and in general know themselves better, would benefit from those teachings.

In Part I of the workshop, you will get a better understanding of the structure and workings of your inner world, as described by the ancient yogis, and learn how to better orientate in the different phenomena occurring within you. You will also learn techniques that enable you to start using your awareness practically (i.e. to "become aware"). Using those techniques always brings you back to the present moment (the "here and now").

In Part II of the workshop, you will learn various techniques for liberating yourself from negative emotions, which make you suffer, cause you problems or are just tiring. This includes techniques for releasing emotions which either always arise in certain situations (like anger, jealousy, disappointment, etc.) or which you might have constantly in the background (e.g. melancholy, depression, fatigue, etc.).

Ingvar's teaching method is highly practical, so that you will be guided through various exercises and guided practices which enable you to learn from your own experience. All techniques taught are based on the practical use of awareness (these are not physical yoga exercises and no previous experience with yoga is necessary for participation).

Having participated in this workshop myself a year ago, I can assure you that the techniques he teaches are really working and are very effective!

PS. You can find a more detailed description of the contents of the workshop, as well as additional information on Ingvar Villido, Lilleoru and kriya yoga, in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FILE.

You can also find there a link to an introduction to this workshop series in youtube, as well as  links to video feedback of some English-speaking participants and to some interviews with Ingvar Villido, published in Estonian newspapers, which have been translated into English.

The workshop will take place in ENGLISH.


Birds-eye view of the 'Flower of life' park in Lilleoru.


May 30-31, at 10-17, in Club Haus Am Becheler, 15A Am Becheler, Luxembourg-Ville (in Bereldange). On May 29, at 18:00-20:00, an introductory lecture will be given in the same place. See location in Google maps. When coming by bus: suitable bus lines are 10 and 11; bus stop "Bäreldeng - Schoul".

In case you are interested, but the timing does not suit: the same workshop will also take place a week earlier (on May 23-24) in Karlsruhe (only 260 km from Luxembourg). For further information, please contact the local organiser in Karlsruhe, Kristjan Tamm: kristjan88 at gmail dot com

PRICE: 225 EUR (Parts I + II + introductory lecture) - lunch not included.

FOR REGISTRATION please fill in the registration form and pay the participation fee to the Luxembourgish Estonian Society's (LES) bank account. Payment details: Beneficiary: LES, Bank account: LU74 0019 2055 3919 4000, BIC: BCEELULL, indicating "VILLIDO" and names of persons for whose participation the payment is made in the explanatory field.

Please make your registration as soon as possible (and before May 15 at the latest).

Note for yoga people: There are chairs available in the room, but in case you would prefer sitting on the floor, please bring your own meditation cushion along!

For further information, please write to: renata dot siimon at gmail dot com

Do not miss this opportunity to acquire this practical and extraordinary knowledge!

Best regards,

Renata Siimon,
Local organiser