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Rita Ray reedel, 22. septembril Viandenis

Euroopa ringreisi raames esineb reedel, 22. septembril kl 20.00 Viandeni imetoredas kohvik-klubis Ancien Cinéma Café-Club (23, Grand Rue, Vianden) koos bändiga eesti soul’i säravaim täht Rita Ray.

Rita Ray on tegutsenud alates 2019. aastast. Tagasihoidlikult alustanud Põlva tüdruku võimas vokaal ja kirjutatud laulud on sillutanud teed muusikasõpradeni jõudmiseks üle žanripiiride. Tema debüütalbumit Old Love Will Rust“ esitleti 200 inimesele, teist albumit „A Life Of Its Own“ esitleti aga juba Tallinnas Alexela kontserdimajas 2000 inimese ees koos keelpilliorkestriga.

Kontserdil kõlavad laulud nii artisti teiselt albumilt "A Life Of Its Own" (2022) kui ka debüütalbumilt "Old Love Will Rust" (2019).

2021. aastal pälvis Rita Ray Eesti festivalil Jazzkaar noore jazz-artisti auhinna, eesti muusikaauhindadest on tal ette näidata parima laulu (2022, „Love Ain’t the Same“), parima naisartisti (2023) ja parima albumi (2023) auhind. Ta on ka Kuldse Plaadi enimmüüdud naisartist 2023. aastal.


Rita Ray – laul
Johannes Laas – kitarr
Kristjan Mängel – trummid
Rahel Talts – klaver
Janno Trump – bass

Piletid: eelmüügist 25 eurot, kohapeal 35 eurot. Registreerimisvorm asub SIIN

Osalemistasu kandke palun üle hiljemalt 15.09.2023 LESi kontole LU74 0019 2055 3919 4000 (BCEE LULL), märksõna „RITARAY“, selgitusse nimed, kelle eest tasuti.

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Rita Ray ametlik veebisait
Ancien Cinéma Café-Club
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● Love Ain’t The Same: https://youtu.be/2G2BY5L80uI
● Jazzkaar: https://youtu.be/ANpgsQPTUbA
● Orchestra tour: https://youtu.be/eGarstaZUwM



During its European tour Rita Ray and band will give a concert on Friday, 22 September at 8:00 P.M. at the Ancien Cinéma Café-Club (23, Grand Rue, Vianden).

Rita Ray embarks on her first European tour to celebrate her sophomore album "A Life Of Its Own" (2022) as well as play songs from her début "Old Love Will Rust" (2019). Rita Ray will play this live show with her full band.

The crown jewel of Estonian soul – Rita Ray – has been active since 2019. From humble beginnings to becoming a force on the scene, there’s a lot of depth and drive in the small-town girl from Põlva. Her powerful vocals and songwriting have paved the way to reach music lovers across genre borders. While her début album “Old Love Will Rust” was presented to 200 people, the sophomore “A Life Of Its Own” was introduced in front of 2000 people with a string orchestra in Tallinn’s biggest concert hall. 

There’s a reason why Rita Ray sounds so genuine. Thanks to her musical foundation, she can carry a lot of the weight when it comes to arranging for orchestras, writing music, lyrics, and co-produce. Backed by a band of Estonia’s finest and the Solid Gold production duo, Rita Ray really does seem to have the winning formula. The musical styles explored to date range from blue-eyed soul, classic R&B to old-school disco. The young artist’s growing confidence as a composer has guided her 2nd LP towards cinematic and symphonic soundscapes.

With her début LP, Rita Ray got 4 nominations at Estonian Music Awards (EMA). “Disco Stu” flew highest, in part thanks to the single reaching wide audiences via BBC 2 airplay. Miss Ray was awarded the Young Jazz Talent Award in 2021 by Jazzkaar Festival. From Rita Ray’s 2nd album “A Life Of Its Own” both “Love Ain’t The Same” as well as “No Greater Love” enjoyed BBC and Jazz.fm rotation. The record released via Funk Embassy Records has received over 1 million streams on Spotify, and earned “Song of the Year”, “Album of the Year” and “Female Artist of the Year” accolades at EMA.

Band members:
Rita Ray – vocal

Johannes Laas – guitar
Kristjan Mängel – drums
Rahel Talts – keyboard
Janno Trump – bass

Tickets: pre-sales 25on-site 35 euros. If you would like to purchase tickets during the pre-sales, please write to les at les dot lu.